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Welcome to the web site of Jim Griess

This website is maintained by me, Jim Griess. I, along with Erwin Ulmer, serve as  Village Coordinators for Rohrbach and Worms, German Russian Mother Colonies and their associate daughter colonies, on behalf of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSGR). Its international headquarters are located in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Society may be reached at We are also Village Coordinators for these two villages through the Germans From Russia Heritage Society at

 During the later part of the 18th Century and through the middle of the 19th Century large numbers of Germans migrated to Russia in search of a better life. They were invited to Russia by Catherine the Great and by her grandson, Tzar Alexander I.One of the areas of German settlement in Russia in the first quarter of the 1800's was the north shore of the Black Sea which was acquired by Russia from Turkey as a result of war. Tzar Alexander I opened up this region, " New Russia," to settlement during the Napoleonic Wars. Two of the villages settled by the Germans  in 1809 were Worms and Rohrbach located about 60 miles northeast of the port city of Odessa, now the Ukraine.

About Me

James R. Griess (Jim) is a retired teacher. He has attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the University of Wyoming, and the University of Nebraska-Kearney where he earned both his BA and MA in Education.
In 1963 he began his teaching career in Overton, Nebraska. There he taught science and history. In 1966 he joined the staff of Hastings Senior High, Hastings, Nebraska, and taught American History. Then in 1973, he joined the staff of the Nebraska State Education Association. He held a variety of positions. From 1991 to the end of 2006 Jim served as Executive Director of the Association. He retired in 2007 and lives at 8222 Knoll View Ct, Lincoln NE 68506  with his wife Sue.
 Jim has contributed articles to numerous publications. He is the author of the book The German Russians. He is a member of the Nebraska State Historical Society, the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, Lincoln, the Germans From Russia Heritage Society of North Dakota and the Nebraska State Education Association-Retried. He plans to spend his retirement years promoting the history of the German Russians and other historical issues. Information about ordering the book  The German Russians follows.
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Jim Griess, 8222 Knoll View Ct.,Liincoln NE,    68506       
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